Welcome to the Soft Parade

Welcome to the soft parade,

all our lives we sweat and save,

building for a shallow grave

must be something else,

somehow to defend this place,

everything must be this way

everything must be this way

The soft parade has now begun

listen to the engines hum,

-The Doors, the Soft Parade

As I exited the corridor from the subway in Manhattan, there was the same advertisement duplicated about 10 times, lining the entire 40 yard corridor.  It was a series of 5 pictures with a male and female model in different poses, with glasses and without glasses.  Sex, sex, sex, sex, take it in you peasant, beauty, beauty, beauty , chiseled sculpture like facial structures are your God, download these images to your peasant mind so you get into marching formation at the outlets and Gucci.  

Thousands of downloads continuously happening in NYC at every moment. This place is the pinnacle and epicenter of the materialist blood-lust and denial of internal emotions. NYC is a mecca of consumerism and spiritually hollow flesh bodies who run on drug-like shots of dopamine from being perceived as superior. The ideal that is lusted after here, is to polish my mask and body so other will be impressed and want what I have. But do I even want what I have? The fancy cars and the big house and the Italian leather? Or do I just go work on Wall Street so others will want what I have?  So does anyone actually want anything or are we just pretending to want and have things so others will then want those things?   Makes my head spin.  Oh shit, I’m starting to sound like that guy that the government and media told us orchestrated an attack on the World trade Center, oops, oh well.  AMERICA fuck yeah, HEIL HEIL HEIL. Exterminate, WORLD DOMINATION, murder those who don’t agree and take their oil.

I stopped in my tracks in the street the other day  and just ogled an advertisement that covered the entire side of a bus, with the 5 Kardashian sisters getting cozy with each other in their bra and panties. I can’t help it, I’m as subliminally programmed as any of us civilized (enslaved) robots. My desires, my tastes in clothing aren’t mine as much as they are downloaded to my mind via advertising and the intrusive and pervasive mass media and advertising.  But when I sit quietly am I letting Gaia gain some ground and implement her downloads and knowledge? Is technology and even A.I. like playing with kid’s toys compared to power of our consciousness and the abundance that gaia can deliver to us.  I don’t know but I’m trying to dive deeper and find out every single day.

When I had a scraggly and long beard I enjoy seeing the customs agents size me up and grill me, asking me questions about my plans and intentions going or coming into whatever country I am in.  I enjoyed wearing that mask, playing that role, that day, of the suspicious traveler, I wore the the mask that the media has taught us may be dangerous.  then I shave and I go back to being given the benefit of the doubt and people thinking I am moral and sweet because I am a white guy. It is so arbitrary, the connotations of the various masks that we all assign to others and the ways in which they react and assume this rule subconsciously.

When the customs agents take an extra 45 minutes to ransack my bag and tell me they are done on my way home from Peru, so I can put the all the contents back in and leave, I am grateful.  They have hammered home the lesson that masks are synthetic and skin deep and we play a different role every day.  I might play Peter: boyfriend, Peter: loner, Peter: social  and outgoing, Peter: Angry, squishy face, Peter: happy, light and smiley face, but it is just that and only that, like a clown is acting and making faces for kids to laugh, we are trapped in these masks.

The human dance and being housed in these bodies temporarily, requires us to be assigned a role in this Shakespeare community theatre play called life, and that’s ok.  The freedom is waiting outside the oppressive belief that it ever mattered what role you are in the play:  villain, hero, Messiah, Devil,  homeless, mega-rich.  Because I believe villains have this nobility to them i.e. Jack Nicholson -Shining, Heath Ledger- Dark Knight, that takes depth and skill, and there is beauty on that end of the spectrum as much as there is on the Gandhi, MLK, Mandela end.  So if Gaia or source tasked a soul with playing the role of murderous villain, all in service of the awakening of a higher good and consciousness, who says this soul’s part in the play is less noble or honorable?  Hitler served a purpose on earth, he served the highest good of humanity by playing his role.  If Sean Penn or Dustin Hoffman can win an Oscar for playing mentally handicapped characters who are cast off by society, then who says the homeless man asking for money  in the subway doesn’t deserve an Oscar for his part in touching other souls and awakening others?  How do you know he is not sparking more change in our consciousness.


I want to live in a tribe in the Amazon with people that already understand that Ayahuasca is medicine for the soul. Like people in our society see an antibiotic as medicine. I could give it all up, my blood family, all of that. I don’t need them, they think they need me but I am just an external love attachment object that serves as a stand in for their neglected their own self love. We all need a year in the wilderness alone with energy and thoughts! Needing any other person in this world shows your dependence on external illusions. Swim in the ocean of love that is your heart and soul. What I need is the my soul being used for its highest purpose to help the greatest about of people but more than that, to help raise the collective consciousness of earth and bring back down wisdom from the divine, unseen realms.

What I write about these days is different. Maybe many or bored or have no desire to explore. I have rage mounting in me, my soul thirsts for change in this world. Oh, Peter, can’t we just talk about this new Netflix show, what do you get yourself so worked up about? I don’t want to convince people of my vision in my mind anymore, I have learned through repeatedly banging my head against the wall, that it is futile. I want to have the power to raise other’s people’s consciousness at my own will, to read their entire history and energetic field within a few minutes of meeting them. Since the sleepy TV robots aren’t likely to make a move out of the trance anytime soon, I will focus my energy inward, on learning about the complex engineering that my spaceship (body) is made up and how to operate it at advanced levels. That’s the kind of power I want to be wielding. But true power would only be reached when I can help show a person their own divinity and power, and to have another person awaken is to magnify my own awareness and power. There is no way to get around or ignore our interconnection with every soul, living and dead, in the collective unconscious or source field. I

f you sit down to meditate with 2, 5, 7, 10 people, consider that you are creating a collective vibration, and each person in that group is experiencing enhanced energetic downloads as a result of the higher amount of souls and their intentions present, or laying down the frame for a powered up grid of consciousness that you will carry with you. Or when you meditate alone, consider, how many other’s, thousands, millions, are sitting quietly at this moment all over the world. Connect telepathically, say in your mind, I love you guys, we are laying down a power grid for the earth’s consciousness. I acknowledge you guys and I love you guys.

I have been interested in manifesting lately, this idea that every word, thought, emotion, intention, reaction, creates a paper trail and will influence and create my external reality. When I say the word hate for any reason, what kind of reverberation or resonance is that sending into the cosmic field that has a bounce back, boomerang effect? Even for a simple, I hate that show, that actor sucks

I want the world to see through my prism but most think a nice TV is a good enough respite and reward for slaving away at work for a lifetime. Raising spirit blind children just like, them, enslaved to religious ideology, damn, I’ve become an angry caricature of myself. I’ve passed that threshold, I’ve become so enamored with my own point of view that I am more attached to my separateness, my superiority than actually reforming others. Every single problem on this earth would be significantly improved if there was a free service, accessible to all socioecominic means, GOD why Bill Gates? Why 100 million for Alzhemiers? Why not 100 million for what will lead to instant and monumental healing on earth?: Plant medicine and psychedelics.

A dream for the most beautiful day of my life: I wake up, I go fishing, get breakfast. We go hiking in the woods and track a clear path. We all sit quietly and meditate for two hours and tune in our consciousness to the higher channel, we do spirit work. We explore different methods of accessing the divine, and calling in the spirits. We summon the higher divine order and our spirit guides to work for us. In this nature society those with the spiritual power and channeling, conduit ability with spirits, hold the greatest authority and wisdom.

When a child is born in our tribe, we commune with the higher realms and let him or her explore and find the most advantageous path for him. We don’t put labels and teach him anything specific in language, we foster the idea that everything object and form, at its truest essence and nature, is formless, empty. Everything in this material world is viewed and distorted through this lens of self. The ideal of our society is actualization of a soul’s path and purpose.

The way 2018 American society reveres material and excess, the beings in this world would have enhanced and honed consciousness and would able to read through a physical body to see right down to spirit and soul, or a light body. Words would be the third or fourth alternative for communication. Long conversations of spoken word would be consolidated down to 5 seconds of intuitive silent holding of space as our powers of intuition and discerning multi-dimensional energies would work telepathically. Striving , or non-striving, is done in silence in this society, we realize that our divine nature, is calm, like the weather, the wind, the flowing stream, the grass in the plains.

The bloodletting has begun via writing. I am beginning to dislodge and release things from my subconscious, the healing is working slowly yet firmly and undeniably.

Dreams and waking reality are merging for me. I am seeing how thin a veil they both lie behind and that the dream world speaks more to my deepest eternal essence, which is, a few dimensions higher in complexity than our 2D/3D waking reality.

Years ago, before Humphrey Osmond coined the term, “psyche- delic” as in “mind-manifesting”, they have were called “consciousness-expanding drugs.” I believe that this is a very good description. Consider our dilemma on this planet. If the expansion of consciousness does not loom large in the human future, what kind of future is it going to be? To my mind the pro-psychedelic position is most fundamentally threatening to the Establishment because, when fully and logically thought through, it is an anti-drug, anti-addiction position. And make no mistake about it, the issue is drugs. How drugged shall you be? Or to put it another way, how conscious shall you be? Who shall be conscious, who shall be unconscious?

We need a serviceable definition of what we mean by “drug.” A drug is something that causes unexamined, obsessive, and habitual behavior. You don’t examine obsessive behavior; you just do it. You let nothing get in the way of you gratification. This is the kind of life that we are being sold at every level. To watch, to consume, and to watch and consume yet more. The psychedelic option is off in a tiny corner, never mentioned, yet it represents the only counterflow directed against a tendency to leave people in designer states of consciousness. Not their own designs, but the designs of Madison Avenue, of the Pentagon, of the Fortune 500 companies. This isn’t just a metaphor, this is really happening to us.

Looking down on Los Angeles from an airliner, I never fail to notice that it is like looking at a printed circuit: all those curved driveways and cul de sacs with the little modules installed along each one. As long as the Reader’s Digest stays subscribed to and the TV stays on, these modules are all interchangeable parts within a very large machine. This is the nightmarish reality that Marshall McLuhan and Wyndham Lewis and others foresaw: the creation of the public as herd. The public has no history and no future, the public lives in a golden moment created by a credit system which binds them ineluctably to a web of illusions that is never critiqued. This is the ultimate consequence of having broken off the symbiotic relationship with the Gaian Matrix of the planet. This is the consequence of lack of partnership; this is the legacy of imbalance between the sexes, this is the terminal phase of a long descent into meaninglessness and toxic existential confusion.

Psychology has been complacent and silent. Psychologists have been content with behaviorist theory-making for fifty years, while knowing in their hearts that they were doing a potentially fatal disservice to human dignity, by ignoring the potential of psychedelics.

-Food of the Gods, Terence Mckenna



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