Muting truth through TV and Pharmaceuticals

The nearest analogy to the addictive power of television and the transformation of values that is wrought in the life of the heavy user is probably heroin. Heroin flattens the image; with heroin, things are neither hot nor cold, the junkie looks out at the world certain that whatever it is, it does not matter.  The illusion of knowing and of control that it engenders is analogous to the unconscious assumption of the television consumer that what is seen is “real” somewhere in the world. In fact, what is seen are cosmetically enhanced surfaces of products.  Television, while chemically non-invasive, nevertheless, is every bit as addicting and physiologically damaging as any other drug.

Most unsettling of all of this: the content of television is not a vision but a manufactured data stream that can be sanitized to “protect” or impose cultural values.  Thus we are confronted with an addictive and all-pervasive drug that delivers an experience whose message is whatever those who deal the drug wish it to be.  Could anything provide a more fertile ground for fostering fascism and totalitarianism than this? In the United States, there are many more televisions than households, the average television set is on five or six hours a day- nearly one third their waking time.   Aware as we all are of these simple facts, we seem unable to react to their implications. Serious study of the effects of television on health and culture has only begun recently.  Yet no drug in history has so quickly or completely isolated the entire culture of its users from contact with reality.  And no drug in history has so completely succeeded in remaking in its own image the values of the culture that it has infected.

Television by nature is the dominator drug par excellence.  Control of content, uniformity of content, repeatability of content make it inevitably a tool of coercion, brainwashing, and manipulation.  Television induces a trance state in the viewer that is a necessary precondition for brainwashing. As with all other drugs and technologies, television’s basic character cannot be changed; television is no more reformable than is the technology that produces automatic assault rifles.  Television came along at precisely the right time from the point of view of the dominator elite. 

As with intelligence agencies that arose in the wake of World War II moved to take up their “deep cover” positions as the masterminds of the international narcotics cartels, the popular mind was turning on to television.  Flattening, editing, and simplifying, television did its job and created a postwar American culture of the Ken-and-Barbie variety.  The children of Ken and Barbie briefly broke out of the television intoxication in the mid 1960’s through the use of hallucinogens.  “Oops,” responded the dominators, and they quickly made psychedelics illegal and halted all research.  A double dose of TV therapy plus cocaine was ordered up for the errant hippies, and they were quickly cured and turned into consumption-oriented yuppies.  Only a recalcitrant few escaped the leveling of values.  Nearly everyone learned to love Big Brother.  And these few who don’t are still clucked over by the dominator culture each time it compulsively scratches in the barnyard dust of its puzzlement over “what happened in the Sixties.”

Food of the Gods (1992), Terence Mckenna

All around me, people are certain, they construct fortresses around their being,

“the research proves it”

“it’s in the Bible”

“I don’t need to work with a shaman, that’s not for me.”

“Mushrooms are a dangerous drug, a person I knew went crazy and took 5 years to recover from one trip.”

“I’m perfectly happy working for a corporation”

” I enjoy Television and watching sports for the last 20 years on a repetitive loop and calling it a life.”

“meditation will just stress me out even more, I can’t sit still.”

“you are a little out there with your theories that the mass media contains lies, lies and only more lies and that TV is literally programming me to a certain consumer frequency of ignorance. “

Advertising and Television effectively spoon-feeds a tainted and simplified version of history and after years and years of dependence on television as one’s drug of choice, it no longer seems worth it to use other avenues of investigation that lie outside the reach of the corporations.  We are the anesthetized, feeble, elderly people in the nursing home, powerless to what the superiors will feed us.

Bush Jr’s biographer mysteriously died of unknown causes months before his book on George was to be released in 2000.  And of course there is the Clinton’s erasing of a life that would be a mere stumbling block to their squeaky clean reputation in the 90’s.   Politicians? Capable of murder? What about Seth Rich, Democratic lawmaker, murdered in cold blood last year, bullet in the head, assailant never found…. no wallet taken,  barely any media coverage of substance on that.  Hillary… a feminist…. thats a funny thing to call her…. Don, Kingpin, mafia Boss, cut-throat businesswomen, merciless, these are more apperpo.  But they are so well dressed and have such authentic smiles, standing up their with their suits and ties.   Capable of allowing and eventually profiting, off the death of nearly 3000 americans on 9/11?  No, couldn’t be.

Because the Television is my main source of nourishment, pleasure and if that has just been feeding me lies, watered down information, then what has my life become?  Have I become a doped up mental ward patient who is docile most of the day because I am on a pill regimen of antipsychotics?  If I were to actually consider the reality that lies outside the mental ward, or the 40 square inches of the television screen then what scary and unpredictable things might I encounter?  Do we rely on the television (the metaphorical anti-psychotic medication) to keep “reality” in check.

Us upstanding americans can’t handle being shown splattered and mangled corpses of our soldiers and of the innocent civilians whom our bombs are recklessly dropped on children, on television. Do us civilians have the slightest clue what war is like, how it destroys the inner peace of even all the surviving soldiers who battle inner demons with the epidemic of PTSD in the modern age?  If we actually had a true and accurate picture of war from the media, then we might have an actual reaction more closely associated with what comes with seeing what a person killed by a bullet or a bomb might look like.  We might see how U.S. military involvement in Iraq is more like genocide of civilians than anything resembling a fair or worthy fight.  Over 100,000 Iraqi civilians dead in the war on “terror.”  No big deal right?  The government’s got our back.

This isn’t convenient for a corporation who is in bed with the government elites who want to continue U.S. involvement in war.  The television, similar to Xanax, or Lexapro, or Prozac, Valium or any anti-depressant, benzodiazepine, or anti-psychotic, serves this very effective role in our society of illusions, it keeps exposure to harsh truth to a minimum.  Instead, what serves as a stand in for truth is a fancy, stage show called a news show that gives us just enough, in a very small range of varied stories with the same inflection, presentation, and story line every single day, 24/7 really.

HAHA, weirdo Peter, for having an opposing viewpoint,  freak.  You have rage and aren’t satisfied living in a diseased system where rates of suicide and depression increase every year.  Walk down a street in NYC, our society doesn’t give a fuck about human life. People live on the street and we are taught that they should just work harder.  US Defense budget of $600 Billion a year.. We could cloth, house, feed the entire homeless/hungry world population for a couple hundred years with that money.

It is kill or be killed here in the land of freedom.  And we wonder why people shoot up schools???  The collective certainty of the herd in falsehoods and idols is what American Society is.

The fact that we are one unified field of consciousness that experiences itself subjectively, means that I am mother Teresa, and I am Charles Manson, I am Nelson Mandela, but I am also Hitler, and so are you, you have the capability of the entire sspectrum in you,  its just a matter of going towards the light and harnessing it for good  Every day I wake up I can feed the dark side, I can engage anger and selfishness, or I can step into the light filled rooms and bring my light to others.

The nice mommy of 3 who plays tennis at the country club and runs her breast cancer charity organization is capable of mass murder, and so is every single person.  This is the delusion that goes on, we cordon off Manson as the popular anti-hero, someone to look at like he isn’t human, because if he is human and made of the same things I am made of, that means that could have been me under different circumstances. Manson grew up an orphan, poor, scraping by to survive, forgotten by the system.  He is a product of American Society, he was spawned out of negligence, a turning of the shoulder from his fellow man.  Manson was never convicted of actually killing anyone by his own hand.  Just saying.  He influenced and persuaded his “followers to commit murder.” Kind of makes you think of how the precendent is being set lately that a teenage girl who texts a boy encouraging him to commit suicide, can be sentenced to jail time.   When will online bullying be a crime that one is locked up for? When it will be illegal to have an opinion, a THOUGHT, that opposed the corporatocracy we live in.

Americans, the majority, the culture of sheep, the herds graze by the millions as they are led into slaughter, “doped with religion and sex and TV” as Lennon says.   The America fuck yeah, America Rules, we are heroes of the world  blowhards, are a cancer that have nearly taken over the disease ridden and decrepit human body of America.  I think if advertisements were an actual organism, advertising, if it were a sentient being in the universe with an intelligence, it would create these beings: these budweiser drinking, football watching, zero IQ self-righteous people. And they do effectively create these people, they demand the people wear certain clothes, like a certain ideology, political leaning or leader, seek a certain kind of woman, eat certain types of foods that are addicting or unhealthy.  Bodies who shovel animal flesh into their vacant skull holes.  Spiritually bankrupt, fevered egos is what this country is composed of.

It is sensible, logical, to take protective measures for self-preservation, to label your face, eyes and nose, to listen and ingrain in your brain that you should only be with the beautiful people, the people that earn a minimum amount of money, or only black, only indian, etc.  Surrender to your programming and brainwashing and sit back while we download a fear-based and prejudiced worldview– TV every night.  We need you to fear and hate black people even more because that’s how we sell papers and increase viewers!!!  We don’t cover white on white or black on black crime, we need divisive, controversial, and race-baiting stories of black vs. white.  Did CBS want Trump in the white house simply because he will increase viewing and ratings?  The CEO of CBS said it himself. So the doctored and constructed image will brush many many things under the rug.  

I am a willful participant in this, how much has the media truly ingrained this fear of “other” in us?  Black vs. White, muslim vs. white, Mexican vs. American, jobs jobs jobs on the news every night.  What better way to sell a war to the American people than program a fear of muslims with story after story of hate crimes and “terror” attacks on the news.  HATE HATE HATE the other, embrace your mask so we can force feed you fear, hysterical paranoia and you can pay our paychecks so the news anchor can make facial expression he or she has a metal pole permanently lodged up their ass.  To make sure no authentic emotion seeps in.  The news anchor must project certainty about the tragedy and suffering he reports.  He must display an earnestness, a rehearsed, fake sadness, as he reads the 10,000th death, the 10,000th robbery and he delivers the lines like a D-list actor. No, worse, a porn actor.  Yet we pretend as if the news media isn’t bought and paid for and they aren’t meant to control, to keep us in the dark.  What can you really do, when you are doped up on the TV drug (medication) and sitting in the nursing home waiting for your meal and to be taken out for play time in the yard?  UFO’s are completely real and thousands of sightings, landings, crashes, have been documented.  Jimmy Carter saw a UFO himself,  but when he tried to access the dark, secret, arm of the our space program he was discouraged threatened, sitting presidents don’t have access to that stuff, that’s above their pay grade.

One earth shattering realization, was the fact that 9/11, an event that in many ways defined, shaped, our entire generation, this age of over-policing and over-militarization, control, surveillance, Big Brother, we live in.  When you realize the powers that be in the U.S. not only allowed it to happen, but the wide reach of all the tentacles that is the elites/shadow government, working through the CIA, FBI, orchestrated, put many intricate pieces in motion, to set up, or allow, the murder of close to 3000 Americans in order facilitate more money, more power, and quick acquiescence to their war machine agenda.

After you realize that the most significant event in the history of my lifetime was a lie, two commercial jetliners each took down two 500,000 ton towers, that collapsed at the exact same speed as the freefall of a billiard ball from that height, 20 miles from my childhood home.   I could see a massive black/grey cloud over lower manhattan for over a month from my house.   Does this seem fishy to you?   You would think there would be more resistance and it wouldn’t be such a seamless, almost smooth-as-air disintegration of the two largest buildings on the planet.    I have come to the realization that there is no truth in the “civilized world”, there is insecure people making it up as they go along, trying to grasp at money, power, control. The government never gave a shit about me or you but only serving the corporate machine of domination, lies, murder.

9/11 was an intricate stage operation that various media, corporate elites, government elites in NYC were in on. All of whom were guaranteed handsome payouts from the refinancing of the property by the owner of the World Trade Center, Larry Silverstein, coincidentally 5 months before the towers went down. The insurance policy that he re-negotiated after previously never having touched it in the the 29 years that the towers existed paid him out 4.5 billion dollars when they were destroyed.  That is double the amount of the 2.2 billion policy.  Giuliani had the left over scrap and metal shipped to India within 2 weeks of the 11th, go figure!  Wouldn’t be so great if they were able to do actual metal analysis.

When you do proper, thorough investigation, which does not include mainstream media outlets and mainstream authors, who are part of the grand ruse, you realize there is a mountain of evidence.  So, really, what is impossible after you realize George Bush and Dick Cheney, allowed and profited off the death of their own citizens.   George Bush Senior orchestrated the death of JFK when he sat at the helm of the CIA in 1963 because JFK was starting to sniff around where his nose didn’t belong, the space program, starting to acknowledge and support the black civil rights movements, we can’t very well have the blacks claiming any kind of political power in numbers.  Divide and conquer, people taking psychedelics waking up to the absurdity of the bloodbath in Vietnam, make it illegal!  C’mon, the oil royalty, calculating, jockeying for power, and the attitude towards human life as disposable, is in Dubya’s blood.

What is the next false flag attack?  A staged UFO attack? My fellow Americans, we’re going to war with Mars!   So kindly sit idly by, while we spend your tax dollars on imaginary made up alien enemies.  When we already possess full on, or at least way more advanced than these archaic-gas fueled airplanes,   UFO technology to mimic it, we seized all of Tesla’s record’s and discoveries when he died!!  Because the elites in this country currently possess our own advanced technology that could basically manufacture UFO flying saucers that could fly at close to light speed but it has been kept under wraps because otherwise how would they sell so much oil and keep the populace dependent on it?  They can’t go sharing the advanced free energy and energy efficient technologies that they have already mastered and honed over many years because then there wouldn’t be such a stark gap in elites and they might lose their strangleholds on precious, pricey resources.

Obama’s birth parents were both prominent, instrumental CIA operatives, his father was a crucial player in the assassination of the leader of Indonesia in the 70’s. Obama worked at a front corporation for the CIA in his 30’s, c’monnnnn you thought we had a vote in who becomes President?  The President is a puppet who goes with the status quo and answers to the real “powers that be” which is the CIA and the mega-rich elites, who have historically been shown to prop up homicidal dictators or assassinate foreign leaders if it meant better economic outcome for the U.S.  The CIA has been a power player in the illicit drug trade, fueling entire drug industries, epidemics of addiction, death, record levels of imprisonment in the black community for decades.

Not unlike drugs or alcohol, the television experience allows the participant to blot out the real world and enter into a pleasurable and passive mental state.  The worries and anxieties of reality are as effectively deferred by becoming absorbed in a television program as by going on a “trip” induced by drugs or alcohol.  And just as alcoholics are only vaguely aware of their addiction, feeling that they control their drinking more than they really do… people similarly overestimate their control over television watching… Finally it is the adverse effect of television viewing that on the lives of so many people that defines it as a serious addiction.  The television habit distorts the sense of time.  It renders other experiences vague and curiously unreal while taking on a greater reality for itself.  It weakens relationships by reducing and sometimes eliminating normal opportunities for talking and communicating. 
– The Plug-in Drug (1977), Marie Winn

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