Angels, spirit guides, please show me a new part of my heart today. Help me express this heart in a brand new way. Speak through me.

I’m burning white sage in my backyard.  I make sweeping motions around my head, hips, crown, chest. 

 Any and all energies not in alignment with universal love and humility, leave my field now.  I now align with the divine order, I surrender to all that is.    Please give me a sign angels, bring me someone to test out these new abilities, this new expanded heart. How will I be of service today?  How will I be a vessel and let God force work through my body?

I am now infused with the warrior courage of God, I draw from an eternal well-source, when I carry this force, any and all evil in my path is incinerated.   I am your vessel, my heart beats to lift the collective, the suffering, give this heart what it needs to feel the collective, to become one with it and lift the sufferers.  I carry this in my assigned role, my part in the collective I do with great joy.  I know I am divinely guided and divinely protected at every moment.  Help me radiate this star light, help me radiate this eternal light and burn it for those whose lights have been dimmed or covered over with trauma or have been blinded.  My heart beats for them and with them. I activate my ancient DNA. I activate my power and accept my soul mission.

Answer:  (Channeling, Tuning in) There is no way, path, plan, you ARE the way, you ARE the path.  Surrender to it, become it, become one with the heart and how it moves, move with it, day to day, moment to moment.  There are no words or conscious reasoning here, feel the heart like you feel wind, cold, heat, it is telling you a story in every moment.  There is no hearing, reading, touch, taste, in the comprehension and understanding of the heart, only FEELING, feel into the heart in silence, surrender to the infinite mystery.  You will be taught brand new things, twisted and turned daily.  You remember it all deep down.  You chose this, you wanted all these lessons, you knew it would help you carve the maze, the WAY THROUGH, that only you had the DNA, the make up, the preparation for this exact way, for this exact heart lessons to guide others through these specific codes and lessons needed for humanity. 

A sailboat in the middle of the ocean:  Can you plan where you are going? Can you sync and ride the flow? The fluidity of changing tides, the winds.  There are WINDS of change Peter, the winds of God, catch them in silence, your heart in the sail.  There is no perfect positioning, there is no hill to climb to get a clearer radio signal.  You are in an ocean of eternal well source, all is love and no matter how messy it gets, and how much fear intimidates.  There is no wrong way to go. We’re all divine and shall return to one.  Help them all get home, add people to your boat.   In the middle of the ocean can you know where you are going in a storm?  No, but you can surrender, you can trust in your heart in the faith that God, what we are, the eternal force of love that drives and animates every particle on this earth has an intelligence of it’s own and it appears as chaos, but it isn’t.

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