________________ changed my life

My uncle scoffs at marijuana legalization as he downs his third scotch rocks at Thanksgiving dinner.   I breathe out, no point in arguing with brainwashing, the media in the 60’s was damn good at brainwashing, they made propaganda into an art, flawless execution, gota hand it to them.  Still going strong. As of this year,… Read More ________________ changed my life

Am I finite? Questions of Death and Eternity

“Being prepared to receive what thought is not prepared to think is what deserves the name of thinking.” – Jean-Francois Lyotard The last month, after returning home from my Ayahuasca experience Peru, I have spent a considerable amount of effort in reorienting and re-adjusting to the smack-down of stimulation and race-to-the-top-of-the-pile that IS Western culture.… Read More Am I finite? Questions of Death and Eternity