The thing you are embarrassed to admit you love, and dream about all the time ….that’s your soul mission.

“Every form of refuge has it’s price.” -Lyin’ Eyes, Eagles

“The more real you become, the more unreal the world becomes.” – John Lennon

Never apologize for what you are.  I want you in all your weirdness and all your FREAK.  I want to be challenged in every single interaction I have with you, because I want both of our hearts to keep expanding into infinity and beyond. I want to learn how to hold terrifying amounts of joy and love in our hearts to the point that we are pushed to the brink of the heart shattering vibration of the divine – of this JOKE, fun day at summer camp- CALLED LIFE.

ANYTHING that you were ever made fun of, for, or felt the teeniest, tiniest self-consciousness about- is what your superpower is, that is the reason you were put on this earth.  Those ideas, visions, you have while you are getting out of bed in the morning, before your conscious mind has taken hold of your actions and operating system for the day,  that is what you were put on earth to do.  What you think about while you are showering, and driving on the highway with your favorite, sentimental song….. that’s why you are here, in this body. The thing that you get embarrassed to admit that you love and insist that your not that good at, and it would never work because of money, time, marital arrangements, children etc, THAT’S YOUR SOUL MISSION.

Your mind may have come up with one million ways to convince you that it isn’t your life purpose, and repeated it every single second and moment of your waking life for the last 20 years. We are going to excavate and dig out of the rubble though, no matter how long it takes.  Your mind has become so good at this, that it tricked you into believing that IT IS YOUR VOICE WHO IS REPEATING THOSE FEAR BASED INTIMIDATION MANTRAS.  IT WAS NEVER YOU, ONLY YOUR SMALL, SAFE, self.  Your beaming light of a soul, the sheer power of it, could dust that nonsense off the bottom of it’s shoe.  Your soul wants you to know you are are eternally loved and supported, no matter what you do.  So why not be free from all these societally imposed and then self-imposed expectations- Your soul begs, asks, can we return to our BRILLIANCE?  When is OUR time to rise and roar from the mountaintop? When we proclaim what we are and the majesty of this soul for all to hear???

I believe that your mind has created a ladder, a series of levels that you were convinced, with help from the system, would lead to the “happily ever after.” But when you got there, or got close to this top level on the ladder, you already started sensing that this isn’t going to be enough, is it?  Is having a nicer car, nicer furniture, another boat, or the momentary-ego-sand-castle-orgasm-followed-by-crash-back-down-to-earth of telling your wife’s parents that you are a trader for Morgan Stanley and your going to be promoted and have a huge raise in the next year…………… that all worth the price you pay? Is it worth what you gave away?

Was it worth betraying the you of age 8 who wanted to be an architect, a painter, a singer, who wanted to lead a band of explorers to discover a new world and start a new society there?  Was it worth betraying her? Locking that little ray of sunshine away for all these years?  Never to be seen again?

No.  That’s not how this story ends.  The force, power, the warrior essence of that child won’t be ignored or enslaved anymore, she is coming up to surface in all her fury and magnificence.

Your soul is still begging and fighting to break free of the chains, it wants ALLLLLLLL the systems of your mind to collapse, in a fiery blaze.  Your soul knows there are a seemingly endless amount of mind programs that humans are subject to whilst in the brainwashing machine called modern society.

I believe that your mind is so expertly, masterful at crafting a life of safety, certainty, within systems, THANKS MOM AND DAD AND THE 20 GENERATIONS BEFORE YOU for the workaholic, SLAVE/FAKE HAPPY/STATUS PROGRAMMING.  This programming is chock full of consistency, repetition, shelter in the arms of steady, SURE-THING lovers.   And scoffs at the idea of being single past the age of 33 and frowns upon people who don’t work at a steady job where one can exercise power over other men.

Your mind purposely suppressed your greatest gifts, because it knows that this gift would impact the most amount of people.  That thing that would affect the most amount of lives. BECAUSE THIS SOCIETY MADE YOU BELIEVE YOU SHOULD BE MODEST AND NOT SHARE YOUR ROCKSTAR SOUL GIFTS.  WHAT?!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  THIS PARADIGM/MODEL OF OUR SOCIETY IS THAT I SHOULD HOLD IN A GIFT AND NOT UPSET ANYONE OR STAND OUT IN ANYWAY BECAUSE IT MIGHT MAKE SOMEONE ELSE FEEL SMALLER, OR FEEL SAD OR LEFT OUT?   Shine that SUN in your heart, blind them, singe them, with your fiery soul.  We need you.

There are people that need your gift, your gift will transport them into your world, the world in your head where all of your unique pain, and troubles, stir.

I want to learn about the social norms of the galaxy you come from, because you’re sure as hell not from here.  I want to hear, but more importantly FEEL what the human experience is all about, by being in your presence.  Your entire life is an homage to, and, another streak in the painting in the story of humanity.  I am humbled to even have met you and learn how you came to be and what molded you into the person you are today.

How many times have I been sitting listening to someone talk, pretending to be normal with the shackles of the these “normal” humans,   thinking….I’m not really here right now.  We dreamt up this magical place of love, with these 3D bodies, plants, animals in order to add to the eternal and ever-expanding storehouse of knowledge and wisdom on our soul’s journey.

We incarnated into human bodies in order to experience this crazy phenomenon of “separation” because in our natural state, we are always united.   This is a fun night out in Vegas, where we add new dimensions to this experiences and find new ways to express our soul’s infinite potential.  A body is an instrument it is a way to process information and learn new skills, and the heart is the composer of everything, perception, thoughts, movement, experiences, the stories, we construct: EVERYTHING.  The heart runs it all, not the mind.  But we all stay TRAPPED in the mind. We must surrender to inner nature, the heart, which is wild and will destroy and be reborn anew in a never ending spiraling cycle.

If you wanted certainty, security, safety, comfort, you should have incarnated in another dimension or another planet, because these things don’t exist here in 3D earth, in any form.  Whatever you think has become certain, or stagnant, solid, figured out, will be dismantled and destroyed by the ever expanding and ever-unfurling mystery of the divine force of the creator, it changes every day and every moment, because we are writing the story of God because we are God.

We are all making sensual, intimate love to each other at every moment in the higher realms.   MOST ESPECIALLY your most hated enemies, you’re probably having spirit-HEART-sex in 12D while you are fighting with them or doing your silly thing where you expend energy resenting your enemy (resenting your own eternal source- light).

Sometimes I am in the middle of a conversation and feeling the suffocating expectation that hangs in the air like a thick smog. thinking UGHHHHHH THIS IS SO FUCKING BORING I WANT TO SPILL MY HEART OUT IN FRONT OF YOU AND I WANT TO LEARN ABOUT YOUR SUPERPOWERS.   I know we just met, but SHIT, your a fucking divine miracle, can we celebrate that for a while?  Can you GIVE ME A MINUTE TO SOAK IN HOW AMAZING YOU ARE????  And I get to meet you and be around all the wisdom and new love languages you have learned on your eternal trip across the cosmos?

I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT JOBS, POLITICS, SPORTS, EVENTS, PAST, or FUTURE, I WANT TO SINK INTO THIS ONE CONTINUOUS ORGASM WE CALL THE PRESENT MOMENT WITH YOU.  What if there was none of that BULLSHIT we all talk about on a daily basis in order to stay in the shallow end of the pool of our emotions.  What if we truly integrated the fact that the NOW is all that exists, and the past and future are just a side effect of being in a body and having this thought-processing-machine called a brain?  Brain AIN’T SHIT COMPARED TO THE MOTHER OF ALL ORGANS- the heart creates your entire reality and it is magick.  The heart can emit frequencies and radiate love (the most powerful metaphysical force on earth), and alter the fabric of space and time.

What would we talk about then?  Would we truly express how difficult it is to hold in how much I love this universe, how this society wants me to pretend I’m not being romanced by the flowers, the trees, the ground, my spirit guides, angels, my ancestors at every moment, as we ALL are?

Who advocates and gives voice to the people who have to resist and hold back the urge to hug every tree, compliment every flower that they cross paths with?

What if I have an overwhelming urge to tell the girl I met at the park, that her eyes are so beautiful and it seems like they are a portal to another dimensions where new love codes sent down from God are translated into 12D art that one can only see if they have a proportionally upgraded light-body?  I want you to know that you have the most beautiful smile and it stirs something deep in my heart to see it, it helps me remember the child that resides in me and resides in all of us.

I don’t want to have sex with you, I don’t want attention from you, I’m not trying to court you.   I don’t need anything from you.  I just want you to know that you are a powerful Goddess and I am honored to be on this mission on planet earth at the same time.  What are the chances really…….cosmically?  That we got to exchange smiles in Central Park on a sunny day.  Is that so crazy? Does that make me a creep, in this smartphone addict, mind-control time we live in?   Women should know how beautiful they are, their joy, their beauty, their tender nurturing souls.  The power to create a new human life, housing and incubating a new soul , That creation energy, that engine of creation is so sacred.

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