I WANT THE REAL YOU. Not winner you, not tough you, not cool you. I want to feel the beautiful pain inside you.

I want to hear the things that make your eyes sparkle and give you that flutter in the deepest part of your heart.   I want to cry with you, hold you while you cry out the pain like the heart opened warrior you are. I want to feel that warrior heart, I see your greatness, now will you share it with the world?   I want to hear you scream and roar in anger at all the people who ever told you that you weren’t enough. I want to laugh about how silly humanity is, how seriously people take themselves and the prisons they construct around themselves to pretend they are tough or can do it all alone.  We’re all ONE, silly, I love you when you have billions and I love you when you’re homeless because you’re a walking miracle.  I love you when you love me and I love you when you hate me because I know your higher self (soul) is just laughing and dancing in pure bliss while we play this old ego drama story. We both have a superpower (a heart) shouldn’t we join forces and create otherworldly, magical things?

I want you to know that your heart, by being in my presence, has already introduced me to a completely unique energy frequency, by feeling your energy, I am learning about another spec of the infinite heart consciousness.  That’s why if you aren’t living to your fullest heart potential, it makes me sad, it effects me.  Implicit in awakening love in my heart is feeling the pulse of humanity and seeing the necessity of reaching out to those hearts that are being weighed by the horse-shit lies that this sociopathic society of fevered egos puts on us.

Can we just go to beach, or the docks at sunset, watch the ducks and the swans, hear the birds, you can cry as long as you need to.  Maybe I’ll cry with you, because seeing and witnessing others cry is such a beautiful gift, it shows me their unique heart depth and their courage.  Warriors cry and dig deep into their own heart for strength.   I cried on the subway in NYC the other day, no one acknowledged it outright but I know the energy, the excavation of sadness affected them energetically.   I know at least one of them, even if they saw my red, wet, teary eyed face once and then averted my gaze after that, thought, shit, I’m just human, being human’s hard sometimes, and we got a heart.

There’s freedom in saying,

I’m an alien.  By human standards, I am certifiably insane, But humans are pretty fucken boring anyway.  Say it with me.  I am a warrior for love living in a society that lost it’s way when it started worshipping competition.

There’s a reason I am different, there’s a reason nothing and no one has ever brought to earth what I will bring.  Most of the people in this insecure society is too afraid to sing authentic passion from their soul because they find security in the herd of sheep’s warmth, where they fall asleep each night feel like the wire clamping down on their hearts, that is the price of being part of the herd…..where one trades wildness, weirdness, freedom, for the assurance that no one will ever make fun of you for being different and opposing the ideals of the herd.  What sad lives these people lead, those that judge and bully, and shame, only because they never the had courage to be anything different and stand up for what they believe in.

In my opinion, if you don’t have haters, or people that disagree or are triggered by you, than what you’re bringing to the world isn’t worth jack shit to me.  You need to realize that a person living their truth is a rare a precious diamond in this society.  We’re bringing WORLD CHANGE, anything less is failure to me.  Anything less than showing humanity a new way to perceive, feel and interpret the world, and I haven’t fulfilled my soul mission.   You came here to infuse the world with your energy, that no one has ever had, and ever will have!  The fact that you carry this unrepeatable heart is a responsibility and a privilege, to walk the path of greatness, the path of the warrior.

A beautiful thing happens when you wake up one day, and the inner knowing that has been morphing, evolving, crystallizing over the past months, so many past selves have been destroyed in brutal, gruesome, painful ways, and it just becomes so transparently clear, and you say, there’s absolutely no way that I won’t share my heart with this world, because to not share it would be a disservice to humanity.  People need to see my inner universe, they need to get a peak into the lens I see the multiverse through.  Now it’s just a matter of aligning with that future timeline, it has already happened in another dimension , now I just align, it was always destined, now I just step into the pre-anointed path.

My soul knew it would take this amount of time to WAKE UP TO WHY I CAME HERE.  How lucky am I?  That most won’t even begin starting to look down in the caverns, and mystery lands of their soul until they are 40 and 50 when they start grappling with their mortality and “the other side.”  My advice is to pick up your shovel, go buy some dynamite, get a drill , and get to work on the rock layers of bullshit that you took on that are hiding the treasure in your soul. Why wait?  The only thing I live for is to feel love in my heart because it’s like 1000 orgasms at once and there’s no come down, no crash back down, no pleasure-pain rollercoaster, hahahaha

My heartbreak, my heart being broken over and over, when the planets and God feel like digging it all up, was because my higher self wrote this whole story, the whole path was drawn out, every step, every hardship, battle, failure, for my greatest awakening.  I volunteered to forget why I was born here and at this time and place with these people, my higher self is pretty amazing for designing it this way.  Why not ask your soul/higher self what it has in store for you?  I bet it’s something beyond your wildest dreams, because God doesn’t fuck around with his creations.

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