Being your truest self will trigger those who wear masks. Live your truth anyway. We need your note in the orchestra.

MANY Many man people wear a mask of some sort.  I believe that society has taught that one needs to don a mask in order to be accepted and amass the material treasures that this culture requires in order to recognize a person’s worth.  I believe a human soul deserves love, deserves to have their basic needs met : food, water, shelter simply because a soul being a human body is a miraculous occurrence.  Possessing , or being part of the bigger source field of consciousness, is a gift that we have been given by the creator.  So if poor people share the same source field of consciousness that has the potential to effect the way you feel daily, wouldn’t you want to make them feel better so that the collective would ascend higher in love resonance?

Opening your heart in a world of closed hearts is an act of courage.

I’ve realized lately that certain people in my life, no matter what, whether they judge me or not, will always find something to judge, because they don’t feel adequate on the inside, they just want to be loved, but they don’t know how to go about it because we grew up in a sick society.  They are constantly judging themselves so, they attach the judgement to external objects in order to trick themselves into thinking it is not themselves.

Speak your truth, because we need it, seems the whole of “mainstream” life is built on one shaky, foundation of shallow politeness and fake positivity.  The reason people need to be polite and “positive”in an overt way is because they think that they should feel ashamed for feeling valuable and sacred emotions, like sadness, anger, and lust.  It is a matter of how the emotion is coming through a person, if there are several blockages in their body and mind, that get the emotions stuck in the body, clogging up one’s ability to transmute emotions and send them on their merry way.  They are messengers and mentors, guides on how to direct your time, energy, love.

I have realized in such a visceral way, that has been mounting the last few months, how imprisoned I have been my whole life to the herd’s low vibration of – fear, anger, jealousy, closed-heartedness, or “toughness”.  I gave my power away, by consenting to agreeing to this “consensus worship of bullshit values.”  It makes me angry and indignant thinking about it now, how many years were wasted thinking I owed anyone anything, or thinking that I deserved to feel shame and feel small.  For what?  Absolutely nothing, I know now.  But it took me about 27 years to come to this realization.  Which has me thinking  that:


So, at the personal level, the sad thing is that, every single person I have ever known in my circles, family, friends, is infected with this virus.  It’s not their fault, it’s just that they were indoctrinated into an ego driven system, a matrix that uses as it’s fuel,  fear and control.

Most people will say they want you to achieve your dreams, but they don’t really mean it, because that would mean that they would be faced head-on with all the excuses they have given themselves as to why they are still in the same job that they hate.  If you achieve your dreams; abundance and love beyond your wildest dreams, then where does that leave your family member or friend?  It leaves them with their model for living being shattered.  Because most have to do so much rationalizing, like building a little fortress of rationalizations, like:  Well I had to work for J.P. Morgan because I was offered a lot of money at the time, and now I am married and I need to keep our standard of living up to snuff, so I must employ every last mental mechanism to convince my brain that I am happy and fulfilled.

If you achieve your dreams, it means that you show many people how badly they have undervalued themselves, and that is not a pleasant realization.   Many people I am close, if I am successful would probably say “Well if Pete can do it, damn, then what have I been doing with my life?”  “It’s PETE for God sake.”  I wouldn’t take offense to this because, I’m just a regular person who likes dark humor and raunchy comedy.  People who know me from childhood and my formative years know I was a perverted and weird individual.

I think maybe why that is, is because my soul always saw through the bullshit, it was always nudging me to communicate my love, find more love, seek out more lovers, find out about the forces that compose love, what restricts love, what magnifies love, how do I find a deeper and truer love in myself, how do I find more superpowers in this heart?  This intuition has been with me since I was a baby,  a toddler, a child, it was always love, it was misdirected and misunderstood for many years, but my one and only motivation for living, existing, learning, achieving is love and only love.  It is the only thing that transcends time and space, can travel between dimensions, and everything else goes away: your name, your body, your family, your status in the hierarchy, you and the homeless dude, just 2 souls traveling around in this eternal choir of souls, each one of us assigned a specific and unrepeatable note in the orchestra.

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