Are you a mercenary soul?

“Who am I?

Nobody knows but me

Who am I?
Nobody else can see.”

Look at me, John Lennon

It’s hard for me to look at most popular music the same way these days knowing that Romantic Love is a mind program and most only wade into the shallowest part of this love, because of how over sexualized, individualized, and estranged from our divinity we have become in modern day.  It is great music still. For example Eric Clapton created one his best, if not his best album, Layla, using as his fuel, the unrequited love, of Pattie Boyd, the wife of George Harrison at the time.  He would eventually be with her for a span of ten years, and then divorce.   Who is to say that Eric’s love and soul thirst to be united with Patty wasn’t valid at the time? It was, and it created beautiful music,  he created a medium for people to see his raw, torn heart, via his instruments and voice.

Eric, what part of yourself did you so desperately want to meet and what part of yourself to you designate as only being able to be revealed around Patty?  You gave your power away Eric, you turned out alright though, your over-soul must have designed it that way so we’d feel your anguish and raging heart in your music and be inspired by it.

The other day I was listening John Lennon’s  Plastic Ono Band album, I do this when I am in the mood to be angry and raw, starting off with the track Mother wherein John wails and screams to the point where you think his voice will crack or break.  Then on Well Well Well, “I’ve seen religion from Jesus to Paul.”  Just grinning to myself, thinking:

John, you chose your parents before incarnating here, silly devil, you knew you’d need to lose them/be abandoned by them to glimpse the deepest depth of love that resided in your own heart, and that was needed on this earth, and to anchor a movement, planting the seeds in the collective consciousness for a mass awakening that might happen say, 38 years after your death, in 2018.

  I hear the love in your voice, your pain is my pain, the rawness and realness that oozes out of your music is felt by me.  I feel it in my pores and in my being.  Your music, John, showed me that’s its ok to have rage at a sick society and to desire to feel the deepest depths of your own heart, because I have a heart, and no other reason! You showed me that where my deepest rage is where the deepest and most precious treasure lies. 

I feel such a strong resonance with these two people, John Lennon, and Bill Hicks, they had a thirst that seemed to be unquenchable by anything in 3D reality, because I believe that what they desired to usher into reality on this 3D plane did not exist yet when they were on earth because they were creating it with their unique energy signature.  They had multidimensional souls that seemed to not be at home in a human body and a distinct sense for their entire lives of being driven by a higher force, being placed here some reason.

Lennon a had UFO visit to his penthouse on 52nd street in 1974, it is documented.  John called into a radio station the day after it happened, its on youtube.  The craft hovered there for five minutes, was Lennon of this “world”? Hmmm, makes you wonder about why he was killed?  Maybe talking a bit too much for the deep state’s grasp on control, wanting to disclose more things about UFO contact.   Are any of us really “of this world”?  Did a civilization of all-love light-beings send John here?

The book, Bill Hicks: Agent of Evolution written by his best friend, Kevin Booth, touched me at a soul level.  At various points in the book, I was moved to tears by Bill, and that he had to leave Earth so soon with all of this otherworldly fire that the world was on the brink of seeing en masse.  I felt that he was mirroring a hidden and dormant part of myself.  He lived his life, as if he knew deep in his subconscious that he would be dead by 32, always conquering, creating like a fiend, breaking barriers, going straight for the jugular of all the sacred cows in American culture and lore: Religion, military, sex, government corruption, mediocre and corporate whore musicians, corporate whore actors, hack comedians.

He said to one friend in the book, “I do what I do so people will feel less alone.”  I feel that for me, one fan, one human who lives on planet earth, he accomplished this goal and more in me.  And in turn, this is also, my motivation, to pay it forward, help to show others that it is ok to come out of hiding, it is ok to question the endless onslaught of lies that the government and popular media would love to feed us 24/7.  The way of living that devalues your soul and makes you think money, looks and ego will fulfill.

I try to summon him in meditation, because I have the feeling that Bill is such a massive force that he seems to be a mercenary soul, incarnating here and there, on a planet for a short time, implanting his signature, delivering his message and hightailing it out of there. Ditto Lennon.

Hicks experienced deep and profound mushroom experiences in which he made contact extraterrestrial entities, he had dreams frequently of space ships that were coming to pick him up.  Bill’s bit on Jay Leno and his Doritos commercial still crack me up every time.

I wonder when the shame and disgust with himself is going to reach a tipping point and Jay Leno is going to blow hi brains on national TV.  His brains spew out forming an NBC peacock on the wall, because he’s a company man to the bitter fuckin end,

it all started when he did the Doritos commercial , here’s the deal folks, you do a commercial, you’re off the artistic roll call forever, you’re another corporate shill, you’re another whore at the capitalist gang bang, if you do a commercial, there’s a price on your head and every word that comes out of you mouth is now suspect, every word you say is now like a turd falling into my drink.”

“Satan fuckin him in the ass on National TV.”

Bill was far more than just a comedian, he was a deeply spiritual being who did everything in his power to combat the evil in this world, more importantly, to speak out against good people who became slaves to the military industrial complex.

What if you are part of a soul task force, sent here to anchor a revolution of love and oneness?  Whose to say you are not?  Imagine you are in the Navy Seals of Soul groups and you answered the call to incarnate in a body on Earth, when others wouldn’t, because they knew it would contain misery, hatred, suffering, starvation, a planet possessed by fear and greed.  You stepped up and volunteered to be here, and you’re on a mission, you have a purpose here.  Let that fire and warrior spirit out of you, I know it’s in there, and I can feel your power even if you can’t.

The day a person glimpses their own power, knows it deep in their bones and heart, that’s the day the inner knowing takes root and we launch a revolution.  Revolution starts right here and now, with this breath, can you see your beautiful soul the way I can?   Can you see how much love and forgiveness you deserve? No matter WHAT you did.  Because being alive on earth is too beautiful to spend another second pretending you weren’t the miracle you were praying for.  The day you can see that all love starts with self-love and inner knowing, that day, will be glorious.  That there is no difference between the way I treat other and the way I treat myself, they are on in the same.  The day we all see our own inner beauty and power is the day that your perception of external objects and souls, transforms, and we transform this world.

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