What does freedom taste like?

Does it taste like a cheeseburger?  Meat, cheese, bun and grease, a milkshake, fries at a truck stop in Kansas en route across the heartland?

Is it crunchy like a handful of nuts?

Is it light and graceful like a ballerina dancer,  swift yet impactless?

Or like cold, carbonated liquid?

Is it the sensory shock after jumping in a cold water?

Or is it seeing a loved one smile from ear to ear? Seeing their hard exterior crack open like a cantaloupe.

Is it bathing in endorphins at the end of  race?

What does it feel like to answer to nothing, but your own soul?

Is it possible after a lifetime of programming from media and the cult of productivity/roles/masks/domination/subjugation/pleasure-pain/advertising/sex addiction?

Is freedom a cold breeze by the ocean, with sand in your shorts, at sunset, the yellow, purple, orange, red hues dancing together in the fading blur of the clouds?

Is it guarding your time, space, energy, body as if it is a sacred temple, where only the holy come to pray?

Is freedom, the last gulp of water with 5 miles left to go while hitchhiking in the Nevada desert?

Does risk and danger define and give freedom it it’s essence and character? Or is it being the captain of the ship of the soul; having unshakeable trust in the ship, a faith, that wherever it takes you, it only matters that it stays true to course and path, and the ocean and mother nature will throw its worst at you, even put you in an early grave.

Does it taste like the soft wet, lips of a lover, in your last embrace, when you have released one another in love and bowed to the wisdom of your fate?

Is it a refusal to see what society has denoted as the scale, the playing field, the competition as something worth competing for?

And when everyone around you has bought the ticket and is on the ride? Can you say no?  This ride isn’t my truth.  I won’t have a part in the play.  I will create my own play.  I will be hero, villain, beggar, peasant, murderer, savior, channeler of darkness and light in equal measure.  I will play every part.

We will create a new world, together.


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