God is a lost continent in the Human mind

Through psychedelics we are learning that God is not idea, God is a lost continent in the human mind. That continent has been rediscovered in a time of great peril for ourselves and our world.  Is this coincidence, synchronicity, or a cruelly meaningless juxtaposition of hope and ruin?  

Many people yearn to be introduced to the facts concerning their true identity.  This essential identity is explicitly addressed by a plant hallucinogen.  Not to know one’s true identity, is a mad, disensouled thing- a golem. And, indeed, this image, sickeningly Orwellian, applies to a mass of human beings now living in high-tech industrial democracies.  Their authenticity lies in their ability to obey and follow mass style changes that are conveyed through the media.  Immersed in junk food, trash media, and cryptofascist politics, they are condemned to toxic lives of low awareness.  Sedated by the daily television fix, they are a living dead, lost to all but the act of consuming. 

The Archaic Revival is a clarion call to recover our birthright, however uncomfortable that may make us.  It is a call to realize that life lived in the absence of the psychedelic experience upon which primordial shamanism is based, is life trivialized, life denied, life enslaved to the ego and its fear of dissolution in the mysterious matrix of feeling that is all around us.

Perhaps you object, ” But isn’t DMT/ psilocybin/Ayahuasca illegal?” We would do well to realize that at one time dissection of corpses was forbidden by the Church and denounced as witchcraft.  Modern anatomy was created by medical students who visited battlefields or who stole corpses from the gallows.  To advance their knowledge of the human body, they risked arrest and imprisonment. Should we be any less courageous in attempting to push back the frontiers of the known and possible?

             -Food of the Gods,  Terence Mckenna 

I become less easily assuaged by the trappings and siren calls of the matrix, daily.  The meaningless exchanges of sound, people barking at each other and trying to extract meaning, pleasure in the imaginary perceptions we call vision, hearing, touch, smell.  The call coming from underneath, in my soul, is becoming louder and louder every day.  I have a harder time grinning and bearing the illusory world of media and popular culture because it is so deeply rooted in instant gratification and enslavement to material, flesh desires, and glorification of ego.

When a girl likes me and considers a relationship with me, I am confused.  What am I really?  What you are desiring outside of yourself must be a distraction in a way, it is a yearning to love yourself.  By loving yourself, only then can you begin to love all things.  I believe my soul has yearned to be loved by me for my whole life, it has thirsted for a beautiful relationship with itself.   There is no Peter.  I don’t feel deserving of any love or special contract of a romantic relationship. For one, because I feel limited by it and each day that passes in celibacy, 2I feel as if my heart is strengthened and I become more aware of how love is boundless; it is ever replenishing, infinite, because it comes from source, not me.

Why do we fool ourselves into thinking that our love should be restricted and reserved for one person?  Isn’t it so archaic?  Don’t misinterpret this as me saying that I want to be have sex with whoever I want.  What I am saying is that I needed celibacy to come upon this insight, to detach from the hamster wheel of chasing sugar that is sexual craving, compulsion and never ending enslavement to flesh pleasure.  It could be gone tomorrow if I give in to temptation.  Same metaphor could be applied to death right!!

The love you give to your wife or husband is the same magnitude of love that should be given to every living person.   When one strives for material desires and desires of the flesh: eating, sex, power over other humans (illusory) it hardens and strengthens the sense of “self” as something real and separate, and silences the deep truth that you are everyone and every human is you.  To commit a life to serving and protecting one person seems a bit limiting now, I don’t want to share sexual activity with anyone at the moment.  I want to share true, divine love with everyone, it seems for the first time in my life, I have given water, and sun, to the plant that is the love in my heart.  For me, sex gets in the way of that.  I have this penchant for all-or-nothing streaks and quests.  But this one is unmistakable, it feels more like a calling, a beckoning to help the windshield wipers work on my soul and spirit, to clarify and purify things.

People will say it’s not necessary to be celibate, it is natural to have sex, you are too hard on yourself.   How would you know Mike?  Have you gone a week without an orgasm since you were 13 years old?  Haha, should I take advice from everyone that surrounds me?  Our world of orgasm addicts, sugar addicts, coffee addicts, TV addicts?  I can’t trust these fucking robots that are everywhere I turn and look.   I want to know things that contribute to humanity’s knowledge of souls, spirit, reality, I want to be pushing to the outer edges of what is known and possible for a human soul.  Because I think I am beginning to grasp that continuous foursome’s with supermodels would be like binging on candy and chips compared to what connecting with source and your own soul can be.

DiCaprio probably has one of the most difficult paths to inner peace than anyone on this earth.  How hard is it to detach from a label, a mask, when every person you encounter sees you as a living God, and reinforces the separateness, the ego worship of material identity,  and any women will open their legs for you immediately?  To think, he may be miserable, tortured, chained to the mask and the role so deeply that millions of homeless people are way happier than he will ever be because they are not held at gunpoint (paparazzi) to be a certain thing: a hero, a sex icon etc.  I’m probably a much happier than Leo and I have to say that if he is merely selfish or an asshole, than he is buddhist monk-level of compassion and discipline.  Because if he were even, say, average at discipline and self-love, he’d be a raging drug addict by now, or be dead from suicide, or be hell bent on world domination and lust for power.  Him being crabby, angry, not wanting to face a single stranger is completely reasonable, would you want to sign another autograph when every human on earth wanted to use your face and body to take a selfie with?  Fuck that.  Be an asshole, fuck these parasites who want to use your body and consume you like you are meat.  These fame magnet, scum of the earth Kardashian watching zombies.  You don’t owe them shit.

I’d commend him if he moved into the Canadian wilderness and never spoke to a single soul again. Take a page out of Jim Carrey’s book.  He sees that fame is illusory and insidious.  Disclaimer: I am still star struck and in awe of his artistry of transmission of emotion through characters, channeling true characters is a special and divine skill.

I believe we all have it in us.  We are all actors that have been granted a body and a mask.  Is this why we hold actors and actresses in such high esteem because they are merely the best at playing the role of certain humans? We are all already actors, you can’t choose your body, your face, the socioeconomic status you are born into.  The only time it becomes apparent is when sitting in silent darkness, when you glimpse that your essence is all and everything: the air, the ocean, the earth, the fire.  You are everything and nothing at the same time.  The Buddhist path says that the only way to attain wholeness is let go of everything and you will have everything.

I want to siphon this ocean of thoughts and ideas in my head out through a narrow tube, I wish I could telepathically regurgitate all these thoughts right onto the page. This is where the craftsmanship of writing comes in.  Having this writer’s mind or constant need to make logical and sequential thought forms out of the experience of heart, intuition is very counterproductive when on the spiritual path.

When I am sitting quietly and breathing, the urge to recreate the scene in my mind with words is limiting and works against my ability to surrender and open my heart.  So writing when over done only leaves me worse off and trivializes experiences of the heart, that can never be accurately described in words.  Writing: I hate it.  And I love it.  Because nothing could be more subjective than writing and a person’s thoughts, because there is nothing a person thinks that is objectively true, as in, verifiable in any objective sense because we are all bound by our distorted, weak, perceptual power.  So when I write I am reducing these emotions, thoughts, intuition, imagination down into these symbols called letters and words, the words are only a mere metaphor, or a lie in a sense.

It is like equating what a picture of earth looks like from outer space, with actually being in outer space, the experience needs to be experienced to be known and felt truly.   It is difficult because the language of the heart, the language of ecstatic union with our creator defies words.  It speaks to us in intuition through machinery that was granted to us by our creator, we all have access to the divine.  Or are you and I the creators and have we always been?  When God is me and I am God, where is the distinction?

I have this growing suspicion and sense that our regular waking consciousness, is a cop out.  It is living from this tight grasping of ego and it is safe and I understand why psychedelic experiences are so feared by myself and others.  The beautiful thing is that while I know psychedelic experience is scary and attempting to dissolve the barriers of ego and separateness is scary.   I know that our truest birthright and way we were meant to live, is waiting outside the bounds of this tightly constricted and oppressive life of modern life and ego grasping.

Is our daily, minute to minute insecurity and grasping at ego, our perception is based around it….and then all the puzzle pieces of society and institutions fit this ego grasping, its analogous to the way a child grasps his teddy bear while he is sitting in the back of the car.   All of this certainty in governments, men blindly pretending to know how a society should be governed and what non-violent crimes deserve the punishment of prison time.   It is almost like I can see how my evolutionary machinery, in a real visceral way, is designed to bolster the ego, tfor survival and reproductive services.  If only we had a tool to help dissolve the tall, seemingly impenetrable walls of ego and imaginary self…..

I see that the most beneficial way through, is through an experience where the thin veil of the ego, which appears to be impenetrable, bulletproof glass, is dissolved and we are unshackled and freed into the vast expanse of true consciousness, our truest source and identity.  The drop in the ocean that is powerless to the swaying and storms in the ocean.

So…… I say…… what is more important than booking that trip down to Peru? To find the truest part of your identity? Or meditating for an hour or two a day? Or going on a 7 day silent mediation retreat?  Or doing holotropic breathwork?  If every person on earth were to be introduced to the psychedelic experience………..oh the true heaven on earth we could experience is limitless, there are no limits to what source could deliver when we start changing the intentions in our hearts, the good we could achieve, the boundless levels of love being transmitted….

We would raise the vibration of everyone on earth and we would be able to use earth as the tuning fork of collective consciousness.  It already is a tuning fork.  When you sit and meditate you are attempting to tune your soul to the same frequency and vibration of Gaia.  When you sit quietly for a while, it starts to raise your vibration, synchronicities increase in your life. Your antenna becomes more efficient at picking up and tuning into the frequency of earth.  Have you ever considered that.. when you walk into a room you could be raising or lowering the consciousness of every single person in that room simply by being around them?

It isn’t an instant cure-all,  these shamanic experiences with plant medicine.  They open a door and show you a tiny part of your soul that you have been neglecting, the part that is pure love and needs to share that love. It will be up to you to walk into that doorway and begin on the path into your own heart.  In discovering your own heart, only when that happens, is when one can discover and heal the hearts of others.   It also reminds you of the power you hold in your heart, channeling the source love is power, and it flows from a well that will never run out.

What if every single person in NY decided to quit the corporation they work for, if we headed out to a national park in the southwest, started a self-sustaining community where we all pitched in money.  Yes, the richer members would have to carry the burden of supporting us for a long stretch in the beginning but we would have freedom from this illusion that you ever needed to work to deserve love and kindness.  The wealthier ones would get the greatest reward, which is supporting, loving others, it has always been the greatest reward.

The corporations need you to keep this soul sucking, striving up, depleting the earth of its resources, and continuing to keep us all addicting to products through advertising, deluding us into putting criminals in political office.  Remember your power.  The corporations need your consent, your time, your energy, remember we are all complicit in today’s world.  We are complicit through our inaction.


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