An Ode to my first love (deadliest drug in Western Civilization)

Beer beer beer acceptable drug,

merriment, tradition,

special occasion drug,

accepted drug,  encouraged drug,

masculinity drug, intimacy drug, mating drug

debauchery drug,

silly goofy, child-like joy drug

hangover shame drug,

writhing in bed, rocks in my head

dried vomit sheets drug

peak and trough drug,

courage and confusion,

blissful oblivion, shrinking bubble of perception,

rounding up herd of thoughts,

setting unruly sheep go, letting them roam, eat, ram horns

domesticated barbarian syndrome,

autopilot break,

sleepwalking happily,

taming anxiety bull,

smoothness and suaveness accelerator,

vulnerability enhancer,

sedate, elate,

inflate my ego

repression released,

animal instincts, I missed you

disarm defenses, fortify offense,

go away bank account, go away present moment,

free me from this prison,

give me sex, chips, a thumping baseline

I can’t hear what your saying about marketing, I’m just envisioning you naked,

Let’s say our favorite color instead of what our careers are,

fuck this interview let’s dance

caress me, hold me

keep the levees up and strong,

it’s the last defense against the swift hum of the river of mortality.


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